World Health Day | International Year of the Nurses and the Midwives

Tuesday April 7, 2020

As people around the world continue to isolate as a control measure for novel COVID-19 epidemic, health workers around the world are in the frontline working tirelessly to treat and care for the affected. Among this health workers are nurses who play a critical role in the health care industry although many a times under looked. It is in such times that we recognise the critical role our health workers play in crisis situations.

On this day #World Health, we at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) celebrate nurses and midwives for their dedication and commitment to providing care for patents, while filling up roles at hospitals, health systems as well as other organisations. KWTRP acknowledges some of the challenges faced by the nursing workforce especially in Kenya and highly recommend the implementation of recommendations made by our research teams in their published articles focusing on nursing care.

Post the COVID-19, we call upon policy makers and those in authority to appreciate and support nurses and midwives in order to enable them to work to their full potential. We understand the challenges that comes with training and empowering nurses, but we also know that nurses are a critical component in making Universal Health Coverage a global reality. Advancement of technology is now making it possible to continuously train healthcare workers using gaming Apps such as LIFE a new smartphone app that uses 3D simulation training to teach healthcare workers around the world how to save lives. It is critical that these resources are maximised in capacity building for health workers.

Finally, we call upon other health workers to appreciate nurses, acknowledge their views and engage them in decision making.

On this #World Health Day, Appreciate a nurse.

To access a list of articles on research on nursing work in Kenya CLICK HERE. 

Top Image: Courtesy of Isaiah Maghanga/  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International