“This is real science”

Friday April 27, 2018

Clement Nyiro: a School leavers Attachment Program Student (SLAS) tells his path to science story

The light flickered on and my brother and I were mesmerized, staring at the bright fluorescent bulb hanging from our ceiling. Until this magical moment back on the 26th June 2006, our sitting room had not seen that much light between sunset and sunrise. That was the day that our house, the third in our neighbourhood, got connected to the national grid, and the feeling was both literally and metaphorically electric. This, to me, was a new dawn, one where even my room was bright in the evenings. This was the moment where that a six-year-old from a small coastal town in Kenya, started imagining and dreaming of electricity flowing through wires creating pure magic, and that initial dream was probably my first and greatest thrust towards science… read more