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Barriers to Breastfeeding

Barriers to Breastfeeding


A study on the coast of Kenya to identify modifiable barriers to appropriate infant feeding in the first 6 months of life


Alison Talbert 

Research Description:

With the knowledge that suboptimal infant feeding contributes to 800,000 child deaths per year globally, Barriers to Breastfeeding was a longitudinal descriptive study of first time mothers in a rural coastal community in Kilifi County, Kenya. Conducted between 2016-2018 the study followed twenty mothers from late pregnancy until their babies were six months old, focusing on the challenges encountered in following nutrition advice to  exclusively breastfeed. Through visiting mothers in their homes and observing their interaction with other family members,  knowledge was gained of the drivers and barriers related to exclusive breastfeeding. A current extension of the study is revisiting the mothers now  that their children are 4 years old to describe young child feeding and childcare practices, and mothers’ socioeconomic status. 



Martha Mwangome, Jay Berkley, Caroline Jones, Benjamin Tsofa 


Said Ndoro Ganze SCHMT, Christine Mataza Kilifi North SCHMT, Rosie Crane University of Oxford